Need Investment Advice? Now Venovate Can Help!

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I like making my own investment decisions. I’ve been investing for over 20 years, I know what I’m looking for, and I have the education and experience to evaluate opportunities and find what I want.

However, I am not a tax expert. I guess I could become one if I had the time and interest to learn more on the topic, but it is more cost effective for me to pay someone who is already an expert to do my taxes. If I’m going to spend money and time to improve my skills, I’d want to focus on something more fun – like skiing or painting.

No one can be an expert on everything. I prefer to focus my energy on the things I am passionate about and pay experts to help me with things like taxes, plumbing, and car repairs for instance.

Many people don’t like making their own investment decisions. They view investing like I view tax preparation. Ideally, these people find an expert to help them choose the right investments, but in many cases they do nothing. They don’t want to manage their own investments, but they also don’t get around to delegating the task. It’s human nature to avoid what we don’t like doing. Were it not for a firm deadline and a stiff penalty, I’d still be procrastinating on my 2004 income tax return.

Now Venovate can help.

Our company’s mission is providing investors with smarter alternatives. This mission includes helping people who don’t want to manage their money themselves. To that end, Venovate now offers two new investment advice services for people who want help with their investments.

1. Venovate Marketplace now supports investment advisors

First, we are now giving independent investment advisors access to Venovate Marketplace. These advisors offer fee-based advice on alternative investments and can help you choose the right opportunity for your unique needs. They can sort through the wide variety of investments listed on the platform, perform the due diligence by analyzing the detailed information we provide, recommend opportunities that are right for you, and explain your choices clearly.

Registered investment advisers and reps, attorneys, and accountants will be able to create an investment advisor profile on Venovate Marketplace and choose deals for their clients. Investors will be able to look for an advisor whose background and expertise matches their needs, connect with them, and grant them the authority to act on their behalf or simply make recommendations.

2. Venovate Advisors – for the rest of your portfolio

Second, we are announcing our own independent subsidiary for investment advice: Venovate Advisors, led by John Foley. I had the pleasure of working with John both at Schwab and Zecco. He has over thirty years of experience in the investment advice and financial planning business.

Venovate Advisors does not compete with independent advisors who have profiles on Venovate Marketplace. Instead, it is designed to help accredited investors with alternative investments diversify the rest of their portfolio and invest for a secure retirement.

Our recent survey of investors who custody assets with our trust partners indicated that most investors keep between 5% and 30% of their investments in alternatives. Venovate Advisors can help you with the 70% to 95% of your portfolio that is not invested in alternatives.

Venovate Advisors creates a diversified portfolio designed to help you reach your goals and balance the risk and illiquidity of alternative investments. This service is particularly valuable to successful investors in alternative investments who find themselves with large concentrated positions in a few relatively illiquid securities. As these positions become liquid, it can be a wise strategy to take some money off the table and diversify it in more traditional investments.

Venovate Advisors, LLC is a 100% subsidiary of Venovate Holdings, Inc. It acts as a fiduciary, charging a percentage of the assets under management. Get more information on the Venovate Advisors website or contact John and his team for a free portfolio evaluation.

I think these two new investment advice services add a valuable new dimension to our offering by allowing Venovate to serve a broader group of investors and provide even more people with smarter alternatives.